Rock Climbing Lifestyle

What is a rock climbing lifestyle looks like? I envision a rock climber who would look like a hippie with lean long muscles similar to a surfer or a skateboarder. The traditional and old school climber would look like vagabond but with a purpose of rock climbing all day long. That person would be called

Inspirational Rock Climbing Movie of 2017 – Reel Rock 12

Reel Rock films are documentary climbing and adventure films of different athletes achieving their dreams, goals, and aspirations in rock climbing. Annually since 2006, Reel Rock Film Tour screened the Reel Rock films to live audiences and climbing communities throughout the world. In addition, the film is also released to DVD and HD Download each

Indoor Rock Climbing in Florida

Because my son is on a rock climbing team, I discover indoor rock climbing in Florida. I enjoy the opportunities to visit and climb different gyms in Florida. I did some researches and found a list of different and interesting climbing gyms all over  Florida from the panhandle to south of Florida and from the

Climbing Chalk Reviews

I choose four different types of chalk for my reviews and all of them are lose chalk and liquid chalk. I used the block chalk before for rock climbing and it was a pain in the butt to keep on having to crush them. Even though the block chalk is cheaper, I do not mind

Best Climbing Chalk Bag Reviews

There are so many different types and variations of chalk bags available. It is hard to choose. I picked three that are reasonable in pricing, fun design options, popular, and stand out most for me during my research. The first two bags are great for sport climbing outdoor or indoor because it is small and

Understanding Bouldering Grades – Indoor climbing gym

When starting out with rock climbing, bouldering was not on my radar. I gravitated more to sport climbing with the rope and harness. It seemed a lot safer when I fall. I didn’t even know boulder existed until my son joined the climbing team. All I know was that bouldering has shorter routes and more stress on

Facing My Fear – the Fear of Falling

The fear of falling is a natural and innate fear built in and varies to different extremes for everyone. Our brain kicks in the instinctual survival mode to keep us alive. I do know that I am totally fearful of falling especially when I think about it. The more I think about falling the more

Youth Climbing Competitions – Bouldering Season

Rock climbing is rapidly becoming a seek out sport all over the United States and the World. It is officially part of the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo. Yay!!! The climbing event will include three disciplines: sport, bouldering, and speed.  In this article, I will focus primarily on bouldering season for youth climbing competitions. The

What is a Dyno in Rock Climbing

What is a Dyno in Rock climbing? Dyno in this case is not for dinosaur. Notice it’s a “y” not an “i”. Although if you search on google for “dyno”, you may find youtube videos of a dinosaur doing dynos. A dyno is short for dynamic. In Rock climbing, when there is a move that