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Belay Glasses Review – Are they Affordable and Worth It?

Plasfun Basic Belay Glasses Review

Name: Plasfun Basic Belay Glasses

Owners: Y & Y Vertical from France

Overall Rank: 4.6 out of 5 stars from customers

Where to Buy:

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Plasfun Basic Belay Glasses, Product Overview

What are belay glasses you may wonder? Is it a fad or a gimmick? First of all, if you have belayed for rock climbers before, you know that you have to look up, follow the climber’s every move, and be ready to catch the climber when falling. If the wall is 40 to 60 feet high, then your neck would feel the stress of looking up over time. This is where the belay glasses come in handy.

The glasses are made out of high-quality triangular prisms that allow light to reflect and capture the view at a higher angle. You can look straight ahead while the reflection of the upward view is within your eyesight. You can see the climber through these glasses as he or she ascends higher up on the wall without having to look up. However, you cannot see the climber directly in front of you until he or she is climbing higher above your head. It may take a little getting used to.

Plasfun Basic Belay glasses

There are a handful of different brands of belay glasses out there. Some are doubled the price with extra accessories. These belay glasses are basic glasses with no frills or extra accessories to keep the cost down.

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The Good & the Bad

In every product, there are positive and negative aspects. Sometimes there are more negatives than positives and vice versa. In this case of the belay glasses, there are more positive reviews. devil and angel cartoon image

The Good:

  • PRO #1 This glass is reasonably priced. It works as well as the expensive ones.
  • PRO #2 Reduce the neck fatigue while belaying, especially when you know your climber is going take a while to climb to the top.
  • PRO #3 The belay glasses are light enough that you can wear these glasses on top of your own prescription glasses or sunglasses to view.
  • PRO #4 You can still view the surrounding from the corner of your eyes while looking straight to see the climber. The glasses are not wrapped around your eyes so that you still can look up, down, and away from the prisms.

The Bad:

  • CON #1 The most complaints I found were about the cheap quality of the carrying case. The zipper has a tendency to jam. I can definitely get another case as long as the glasses work well.
  • CON #2 It takes a little getting used to looking through the glasses. The perspectives may be off. To me, the climber looks closer. However, when you are adjusting to the new view, you may miss little details while the climber is climbing. Be Always attentive with or without the glasses.
  • CON #3 The frame is made out of plastic with plastic hinges. However, the plastic frame is what makes them lighter and more affordable.

Who are Plasfun Basic Belay Glasses For?

These belay glasses are great for rock climbers who want to relieve their achy pain in the neck while belaying other rock climbers. It is great especially for rope climbing because of the height distance where the belayer has to crane their neck to look up.


These are special glasses that are used primarily for belaying in rock climbing. I would not recommend them for anything else unless you can find a good use for them that does not hurt yourself or others.

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What are Plasfun Basic Belay Glasses Made out of?


The frame of the Plasfun belay glasses is made of plastic making it lighter for your face and affordable for your pockets. The glasses themselves are high-quality prisms offering a clear image at a higher angle to see your climber up the wall. The thin frame allows you to have two fields of vision: straight ahead to see the climber and outside the prisms to see your surroundings.

Plastic prism

The Plasfun basic belay glasses come with the belay glasses, the glasses case, and a small plastic clip outside the case. It is simple with no extra frills, bells, or whistles to make it affordable for your need.

glasses case

My Final Opinion of Plasfun Basic Belay Glasses

When I first noticed the belay glasses which were a few years ago, they looked expensive. In that case, some are expensive because of the high-quality frame such as stainless steel. I didn’t think too much of them then because our home gym wall was not too high and my neck was not in too much pain, yet. However, I have been climbing more and more over time and visiting more climbing gyms that are much taller than my own home gym. I found my neck get stiff and tired very quickly when I belay my climbers.

Until a new gym was built in Fort Lauderdale, ProjectRock, the walls were 60 feet tall. This gym is close enough for me to visit now and then. I know that I may have to invest in one of these darn belay glasses to save my neck. I started to do my research and look around for other possibilities. To my surprise, the belay glasses come in a variety of prices. I found these Plasfun glasses affordable. The lowest price I found was at It was a no brainer for a pair of $20 glasses that reduce the stress on my neck. They are totally optional but really worth it.

Do you own a pair of belay glasses? I love to hear your thoughts about them. Any questions regarding the glasses, please feel free to leave comments. I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Plasfun Basic Belay Glasses at a Glance…

Name: Plasfun Basic Belay Glasses

Owners: Y & Y Vertical from France

Overall Rank: 4.6 out of 5 stars from customers

Where to Buy:


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