Indoor Rock Climbing Competitions – Youth Sport Climbing Season

We are coming into the peak of the youth sport climbing season. In the beginning of May, Regional Championships begin. The indoor rock climbing competitions for youth generally start at the beginning of the year and follow through until mid July for the National Championship. Sport climbing is usually referred to top rope and leading.

Track Your Climbing – Clamber Climbing Log App Review

One aspect of improving on our rock climbing techniques is to record or log our thoughts and our climbs. It is like a little diary to help us keep track of our progress. We can reflect back what we learned before and improve on our performance in the future. You do not have to be

Climbing Cracks – Wanna Give it a Try?

What is Climbing Crack? Crack in this article literally means crack in the pavement or in rocks. Do not let your mind wonder and think of the other popular and illegal crack. You will definitely need a clear mind to master the climbing of cracks. Climbing Crack or crack climbing is a type of climbing

Red Chili Voltage Rock Climbing Shoe Review

There are many different styles and types of climbing shoes from beginner to advance. I have written an article on climbing shoes with more details to help a new climber understand the different options. Please visit my climbing shoe page for more information. This article is a review for Red Chili Voltage rock climbing shoes,

What is the Best Way to Tone Your Body

What is the best way to tone your body? There are so many ways to tone your body with or without weights. How do I know which is the best way for me? There are two questions you can ask yourself: 1. Is it fun? 2. Why? THE FUN FACTOR The best way to judge

Rock Climbing Techniques for Beginners

As a rock climbing beginner it can be daunting especially climbing outside. First of all, start practicing your climbing indoor in a gym near you. It is much less intimidating and you can practice at anytime when the gym is open. You saw other people climbed up a route and it seemed so simple and

What is a Crash Pad – Bouldering outdoor

What is a crash pad? I learned how to rock climb in a climbing gym and the floor is usually covered by thick pads or mattes so a personal crash pad was not needed to climb indoor. My first exposure to a crash pad was climbing outdoor with my son and his teammates at Horse