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Red Chili Voltage Rock Climbing Shoe Review

There are many different styles and types of climbing shoes from beginner to advance. I have written an article on climbing shoes with more details to help a new climber understand the different options. Please visit my climbing shoe page for more information. This article is a review for Red Chili Voltage rock climbing shoes,

What is a Crash Pad – Bouldering outdoor

What is a crash pad? I learned how to rock climb in a climbing gym and the floor is usually covered by thick pads or mattes so a personal crash pad was not needed to climb indoor. My first exposure to a crash pad was climbing outdoor with my son and his teammates at Horse

Rock Climbing Lifestyle

What is a rock climbing lifestyle looks like? I envision a rock climber who would look like a hippie with lean long muscles similar to a surfer or a skateboarder. The traditional and old school climber would look like vagabond but with a purpose of rock climbing all day long. That person would be called

Climbing Chalk Reviews

I choose four different types of chalk for my reviews and all of them are lose chalk and liquid chalk. I used the block chalk before for rock climbing and it was a pain in the butt to keep on having to crush them. Even though the block chalk is cheaper, I do not mind

Rock Climbing Lingo – introducing to fun advance techniques

As I learn more about rock climbing, I learn that rock climbing has its own rock climbing lingo, slang, or language to communicate efficiently and effectively to other climbers. Plus they sound pretty neat and far out such as “Have you been to a crag lately?” or “Wow, that was an impressive gaston!” I came

DryMax Run Hyper Thin No Show Review – dual purposes

Product: DryMax Run Hyper Thin no Show Review Made: USA Place to Buy: Guarantee: Return free for any reason, must be new and unused condition My Rating: 4 out of 5   DryMax Run Hyper Thin no Show Review I am a runner as well as a rock climber. These socks would serve as