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What is Free Solo Rock Climbing – Would You Do It?

You may wonder what is free solo rock climbing? I am sure you may have guessed the correct answer. It is a form of free climbing where the climber climbs up a route without any aide such as ropes, harnesses or any other protective equipment. The climber relies solely on his or her abilities, a

Belay Glasses Review – Are they Affordable and Worth It?

Plasfun Basic Belay Glasses Review Name: Plasfun Basic Belay Glasses Owners: Y & Y Vertical from France Overall Rank: 4.6 out of 5 starts from customers Where to Buy: Plasfun Basic Belay Glasses, Product Overview What is belay glasses you may wonder? Is it a fad or a gimmick? First of all if you

Lead Climbing Indoor – Tips On How To Lead Climb

There are many types of climbing that involves rope such as trad or sport as well as no rope such as bouldering or free solo climbing. In the past, most climbing are done outdoor. As time passed, more rock gyms are built so that we can learn and practice climbing indoor and become better prepared

Climbing Cracks – Wanna Give it a Try?

What is Climbing Crack? Crack in this article literally means crack in the pavement or in rocks. Do not let your mind wonder and think of the other popular and illegal crack. You will definitely need a clear mind to master the climbing of cracks. Climbing Crack or crack climbing is a type of climbing

Rock Climbing Techniques for Beginners

As a rock climbing beginner it can be daunting especially climbing outside. First of all, start practicing your climbing indoor in a gym near you. It is much less intimidating and you can practice at anytime when the gym is open. You saw other people climbed up a route and it seemed so simple and

Understanding Bouldering Grades – Indoor climbing gym

When starting out with rock climbing, bouldering was not on my radar. I gravitated more to sport climbing with the rope and harness. It seemed a lot safer when I fall. I didn’t even know boulder existed until my son joined the climbing team. All I know was that bouldering has shorter routes and more stress on