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Climbing Cracks – Wanna Give it a Try?

What is Climbing Crack? Crack in this article literally means crack in the pavement or in rocks. Do not let your mind wonder and think of the other popular and illegal crack. You will definitely need a clear mind to master the climbing of cracks. Climbing Crack or crack climbing is a type of climbing

Rock Climbing Techniques for Beginners

As a rock climbing beginner it can be daunting especially climbing outside. First of all, start practicing your climbing indoor in a gym near you. It is much less intimidating and you can practice at anytime when the gym is open. You saw other people climbed up a route and it seemed so simple and

Understanding Bouldering Grades – Indoor climbing gym

When starting out with rock climbing, bouldering was not on my radar. I gravitated more to sport climbing with the rope and harness. It seemed a lot safer when I fall. I didn’t even know boulder existed until my son joined the climbing team. All I know was that bouldering has shorter routes and more stress on

Facing My Fear – the Fear of Falling

The fear of falling is a natural and innate fear built in and varies to different extremes for everyone. Our brain kicks in the instinctual survival mode to keep us alive. I do know that I am totally fearful of falling especially when I think about it. The more I think about falling the more

What is a Dyno in Rock Climbing

What is a Dyno in Rock climbing? Dyno in this case is not for dinosaur. Notice it’s a “y” not an “i”. Although if you search on google for “dyno”, you may find youtube videos of a dinosaur doing dynos. A dyno is short for dynamic. In Rock climbing, when there is a move that

Rock Climbing Lingo – introducing to fun advance techniques

As I learn more about rock climbing, I learn that rock climbing has its own rock climbing lingo, slang, or language to communicate efficiently and effectively to other climbers. Plus they sound pretty neat and far out such as “Have you been to a crag lately?” or “Wow, that was an impressive gaston!” I came

What is Top Rope Climbing – Indoor vs Outdoor

If you are not a rock climber, you may not heard of top rope and may wonder what is top rope climbing? It is a type of climbing that passes a rope through an anchor system at the top of the climb, a climber is securely attached to the rope, and a belayer at the