Climbing Together: A Family Adventure

Climbing is more than just scaling rocks; it’s about conquering challenges, fostering togetherness, and discovering the joy of being in the moment. For the Lee family, climbing became the perfect family activity that brought them closer and allowed them to establish daily routines that were both exciting and fulfilling.


A Piper’s 11th Birthday Revelation

On Piper’s 11th birthday in 2022, the Lee family embarked on an adventure that would shape their lives and daily routines. Seeking a family activity to celebrate this special day, they stumbled upon rock climbing. It was love at first climb – the easy basics at the start, gradually evolving into exciting challenges without being overwhelming.


Jared and Ruth: The Climbing Duo

Jared Lee, the husband and father of the family, had been exposed to climbing during his teenage years but didn’t quite enjoy it due to the ego-driven environment. However for Jared at the age of 37, the change of mindset and a different, more supportive community made a world of difference. Ruth, his wife, also discovered her passion for climbing at the age of 35. Initially believing climbing was purely physical, they soon realized it was a mental game akin to chess – a delightful challenge for their minds.

Their climbs took them away from the worries of daily life. It provided them with a therapeutic escape, forcing them to be present, focused, and fully immersed in the exhilarating climb.

The Aiguille Community and Encouragement

The Lee family’s first encounter with the Aiguille climbing community was serendipitous. At first, Ruth and Jared felt clumsy stumbling around on the wall. They both have radically different body types and were not sure how to support each other. Encouragement from the community, along with a chance to meet with experienced climbers, spurred them to sign up for a membership and dive deeper into this exhilarating activity. Ruth, having discovered the valuable resource of “,” found the support and knowledge she needed to fully embrace climbing.


five girls climbingThe Five Climbing Enthusiasts

Their family of seven includes the parents, Jared and Ruth, and their five adventurous girls. During our interview, Shiloh is 3, Eliza is 6, Ivy is 8, Violet is 10, and Piper is 12.

Each one has a unique climbing journey, Shiloh loves outdoor bouldering and can’t wait to climb in the gym with her parents. Eliza’s natural ability and thirst for climbing baffles her parents. Ivy and Eliza have even joined the Aiguille climbing team, showcasing their passion and potential for this sport. It is impressive to witness how well the girls behaved in a climbing gym. Well done, Ruth and Jared for being the super parents.

Climbing: A Safe Passion

Thankfully, the Lee family has been fortunate to experience climbing without any serious injuries. Climbing indoors offers a safer environment with controlled conditions, allowing them to pursue their passion year-round. They had a chance to climb a handful of gyms throughout Florida as well as explore bouldering outdoors at Stone Fort in Chattanooga, TN.  However, they are open to gaining sport climbing outdoor experience when opportunities arise.

jared-ruth-lee Family

Sharing the Climbing Joy

Jared and Ruth emphasize the importance of sharing the joy of climbing. Jared encourages others not to keep this joy to themselves, spreading the enthusiasm and positivity that climbing brings. Ruth advises everyone to touch everything, to be exposed to all the routes, and to open up and connect with the climbing community. It’s an entirely different experience when you engage and connect with fellow climbers.

Conclusion: Climbing into Togetherness

For the Lee family, rock climbing has become more than just a physical activity. It’s a way of life that bonds them together, challenges their limits, and brings them a sense of joy and fulfillment. Their climbing journey continues, promising more adventures and memorable climbs ahead as they embrace the thrills and joys of this exhilarating sport, together as a family.

Once again, climbing transcends age, gender, and culture. It does not emphasize strength, height, or weight. All those characteristics do help to a certain extent. At the end of the day, it is the togetherness and the mental connection that the climbing community brings.

This leads to an insightful quote by Maya Angelou “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.”

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