Fingerless Climbing Gloves – Are they worth while?

Fingerless Climbing Gloves Reviews

Fingerless or half finger gloves are the next best gloves for rock climbing nearest to crack climbing gloves. The tip of your fingers are free for easy access to the rocks. You can also use them for belaying, rappelling, and aid climbing. Since they do not cover all the fingers, your hands do not have the full protection for belaying as the full gloves have.

In this article, I am reviewing five different types of fingerless gloves to give you a variety to choose from depending on quality, dexterity, size, and/or costs.

The material for these gloves are generally synthetic for the flexibility and dexterity usage. Cowhide or goat leather are for more durability. I like to be able to feel my gear and the rocks so I vote for the dexterity. What is worth while for you?

Black Diamond Crag Half-Finger Gloves

The Black Diamond (BD) crag half-finger gloves seem to be a popular pair because you can climb, belay and rappel with them at an affordable price. They are made out of synthetic leather with breathable stretch mesh fabric and knuckle padding. The synthetic leather palm and the fingers with reinforced index finger and thumb are made for durability. There is a hook-and-loop cuff closure with a clip on loop.

They are stretchy so buy them small and they should form to your hands overtime. The biggest complaint is the durability. The stitching comes apart quickly when use them for heavy belaying.

Average Customer Rank: 4.4/5


  • Breathable stretch mesh fabric and knuckle padding
  • Synthetic leather for palm and fingers with reinforced index finger and thumb for durability
  • CE certified to EN 420 and EN 388 (2131)
  • Weight: 50g or 1.8 oz
  • Come in different sizes

BD glove size chart

Available Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Where to Buy:

Metolius 3/4 Climbing Glove

These gloves are high grade leather for quality and durability with 3/4 length fingers for dexterity. You can climb, belay, and rappel with these gloves. Because of the leather, they are not as flexible and take a little longer to break in as the synthetic material but they will last much longer. The main body has triple-stitched, split cowhide palm reinforcement. The fingers are double-stitched at the openings.

The customer rank on these gloves seem lower than I would thought because of the quality of the product. From my research on the reviews for these gloves, I found that there were complaints primarily on the declining of quality such as the stitching and thinner leather since the transfer of manufacturer. However, I can’t seem to find any backing for these comments other than having to own a pair before 2015 and after to compare the quality. You be the judge…

Average Customer Rank: 3.9/5


  • Cowhide leather for the main body with triple-stitched, split cowhide palm reinforcement
  • Double-stitched fingers
  • Hook and loop wrist closure
  • Clip hole for carabiner
  • Weight – 90.7g or 3.2 oz
  • Come in different sizes

Metolius glove size chart

Available sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Where to Buy:

Black Diamond Stone Climbing Gloves

These half-finger gloves are made out of goat leather for dexterity and durability. They are reinforced leather palm and knuckle patches with Kevlar stitching. You may wonder what is Kevlar stitching? Well I did so here was what I found. Kevlar is a thread which is one of the strongest and most heat-resistant commercially available. It is 2.5 times stronger than nylon and polyester. It has little stretch and does not melt. It decomposes at 800F. (source: Kevlar Thread Guide)

One of the reviews stood out most for me was the sizing. Most of these gloves are labeled as unisex so it would gear toward men size. If you have small hands like mine, the XS may still be big especially in the fingers department so be aware. Also, leather gloves like the climbing shoes are usually stiff and small at first until you break them in. They should conform to your size as you wear them out.

Average Customer Rank: 4.3/5


  • Goat leather
  • Reinforced leather palm and knuckle with Kevlar stitching
  • Hook-and-loop cuff closure
  • CE Certified to EN 420 and EN 388 (2142)
  • Weight: 118g or 4.2 oz

Available Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Where to Buy:


Outdoor Research Women’s Seamseeker Gloves

I am excited to find these 3/4 finger rock climbing gloves that are made especially to fit women smaller hand sizes. The construction of the gloves is a mix of 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex, goat leather palm, and 100% Neoprene Cuff. The split Suede overlays on palm and the open fingers are for durability. They are breathable for quick drying, durable and ultra tactile.

Here is the Outdoor Research size guide to help you on the sizing:

outdoor-research-glove-size chart

On my research, I found the overall reviews from the women consumers on the sizing, durability, and dexterity. They do run small and snug which is great for women who have small hands. You may have a cumbersome time taking them on and off because of the snugness. However, the leather may relax over time.

On the durability department, many ladies found these gloves to be well put together with the ability to absorb moisture well and long lasting. Because of the open fingers and the snug fit, you do not lose too much of the dexterity which is great for protection against the abrasion and sharpness of the rocks while climbing.

Average Customer Rank: 4.3/5


  • Material: 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex, Goat leather Palm, 100% Neoprene Cuff, 14% spandex back of hand
  • Suede Overlays on Palm and Fingers for long lasting
  • Breathable, quick drying & wicking
  • Ultra tactile
  • Kevlar stitching & gel pockets on the palm to dissipate heat caused by friction when belaying or rappelling.
  • Hook and Loop wrist closure
  • Weight: 79g or 2.8 oz for Medium

Available Colors: Cafe/Earth/Rio, Cairn/Crocus

Available Sizes: S, M, L

Where to Buy:


Trideer Work Out Gloves

Trideer work out gloves are all-purpose gloves. They are suitable for weight lifting, climbing, boating, exercising, or cross training. These gloves are made with high quality Ultralight microfiber to allow a comfortable work out. Breathable mesh material on the back of the hands for ventilation and keeping dry. They come with pull off straps for easy removal.

Trideer glove sizing chart

Trideer gloves are generally snug fitting. If you are between sizes, Trideer recommends select the larger of the two sizes. If you prefer looser fitting, buy one size larger than your normal size. For care, wash these gloves by hand and dry them in shades for long-lasting.

The general complaints were durability. These gloves may not be the best rock climbing gloves but they maybe just what you need for the short time you spend outdoor climbing. They are simple, multi-purpose, and affordable.

Average Customer Rank: 4.3/5


  • All-purpose gloves
  • adjustable strap for wrist protection and fit
  • made with Ultralight microfiber and breathable mesh to keep the back of the hand dry
  • A pull-off strap on the fingers for easy removal
  • 30 day no hassle returns, 12 months warranty, & lifetime customer service

Available Colors: Black, Pink

Available Sizes: S, M, L

Where to Buy:

My Final Thoughts

The fingerless gloves are definitely an optional convenient. There are not as many varieties of half-finger rock climbing gloves available in the market especially in the women department. I guess the demand is not as high at this time.

Personally, I have not used these gloves for climbing yet. Outdoor climbing is not available much in Florida since our mountains are swamps so my crack climbing option is slim. However, I have used fingerless gloves for belaying mostly indoor and they are a wonderful help for my hands. I think these gloves are worth it for belaying gloves.

Ultimately, I would love to save up for the Outdoor Research Women’s Seamseeker Gloves. Those gloves look awesome and especially a good find for my small hands. They would be great for climbing as well as belaying or rappelling.

Love to hear your perspectives about climbing gloves. Do you think it is cheating if we use gloves to climb? Please leave your comments below.

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