Month: October 2017

Youth Climbing Competitions – Bouldering Season

Rock climbing is rapidly becoming a seek out sport all over the United States and the World. It is officially part of the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo. Yay!!! The climbing event will include three disciplines: sport, bouldering, and speed.  In this article, I will focus primarily on bouldering season for youth climbing competitions. The

What is a Dyno in Rock Climbing

What is a Dyno in Rock climbing? Dyno in this case is not for dinosaur. Notice it’s a “y” not an “i”. Although if you search on google for “dyno”, you may find youtube videos of a dinosaur doing dynos. A dyno is short for dynamic. In Rock climbing, when there is a move that

How To Listen With Your Heart – Life Universal Language

How do we listen with our heart? Does it really talk to you? My mind wonders ten million miles a minute. There are so many conversations and thoughts going through my brain all at once. How can I shift through all the conversations and thoughts to figure out which voice is my heart? Believe it