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Listening to your heart
Listening to your heart

How do we listen to our hearts? Does it really talk to you? My mind wonders ten million miles a minute. There are so many conversations and thoughts going through my brain all at once. How can I shift through all the conversations and thoughts to figure out which voice is my heart?

Believe it or not, we all listen to our hearts when we were children instinctively. As we grow older, we slowly forget. We experienced life through the eyes of others, through the environment we grew up with, and through our culture. When the experiences are negatives, we start to wonder what is wrong with me?

We have ups and downs in life. However, I do notice that I remember my downs more. Then from the negative experiences, I lose trust in myself. At first, my intuition was my guide. However, as time progressed as I lost faith in myself, I put my intuition aside and sought in others for what I thought are better answers than what I have within. I double guessed myself and continuously run in an infinite loop of confusion and lost my way even further – where was my path? what was my purpose? Why was this happening to me?

I created a pity party of one. How did I break free from the momentum of self-doubts and my pity party? It is different for everyone in finding self-worth. I volunteered for my children PTA, I organized races, I setup cooking demonstrations, etc… I occupied my time so much that I sometimes forgot to have my own pity party.

I went to meditation training at a Buddhist temple. I talked to friends and families. I read books and listened to audiobooks. Through the process of finding myself, I was re-introduced to my intuition again through listening to different self-help gurus such as Abraham Hicks, Napolean Hills, Tony Robbins, and many other famous self-help authors.

We can have momentum going down the negative side and we can have momentum going up the positive side. It is all within our power. I learn that I am the creator of my life. Life of circumstances will always happen. I choose the emotion that resonates most with me at that moment in time. That is where I begin to listen to my heart. What excites me the most?

My heart does not speak to me through traditional words such as English or Vietnamese. It speaks to me through my emotions. It could be different for everyone. When I am doing something fun like rock climbing, I feel elated and excited. My stomach sometimes feels like many butterflies fluttering inside. I can’t stop talking or thinking about it. I know that I am following my heart desire.

What is the difference between impulse and instincts? Are those emotions from the language of the heart? To me, impulsive is a reaction based on the current state of emotion which sometimes does not help. For example, when I was angry with my husband, my impulse was to blame him for our argument. However, it could be positive where an impulse is driven by inspiration.

Instinct is a biological intuition that helps me through the long haul. This sometimes direct my impulse. An example of an instinct is when my body is in need of food, I would feel hungry. Instinctively, I would make myself something to eat to replenish my body. In general, impulsive can be negatively driven by negative emotions while instinctive could be positive.

When a decision is necessary, it is important to be in a positive and uplifting state of mind. It is helpful with a clear mind. I would listen to my heart and make a choice that serves me best.  This would be my suggestion on how to listen to your heart.

What does your heart tell you and how does it speak to you? I would love to hear your thoughts. Please leave your comments below.

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