DryMax Run Hyper Thin No Show Review – dual purposes

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  • Product: DryMax Run Hyper Thin no Show Review
  • Made: USA
  • Place to Buy: Amazon.com
  • Guarantee: Return free for any reason, must be new and unused condition
  • My Rating: 4 out of 5


DryMax Run Hyper Thin no Show Review

I am a runner as well as a rock climber. These socks would serve as dual purposes for me. They are super thin with dual layers knitted that wicks away moisture from the foot. This is great especially for running as well as climbing in mild to hot weather conditions and notably if your feet get sweaty easily.

As a rock climber, I prefer socks to be as thin as possible so I can feel the surface of the rocks through my rock climbing shoes while help prevents the smelly feet odor. With the breathable mesh stripes, the feet are dry and cool and the Micro-Zap silver antimicrobial fibers keep the feet odor-free.

As a runner, the aggravating aspect sometimes with socks is that they seem to slip down below my ankle and sometimes to the arch of my feet during my run. This DryMax Run Hyper Thin no Show has an anti-slip wedge around the ankle. This helps prevent the socks from slipping down.


Is it too expensive just for Socks?

Why buy one pair when for the same price I can buy at least three pairs? Sure it may seem expensive but it boils down to is my comfort and quality. When I like something I will use them more.

For me, these socks are totally worth it when it served the purposes that I want for my running and climbing hobbies. The question should be, do I want to spend less to have more and they end up uncomfortable. So those inexpensive socks are now lost somewhere in my dresser drawers most of the time. I end up spending more in the long run.


Socks Materials

  • 73% olefin
  • 11% polyester
  • 11% nylon
  • 5% elastane


  • Thin, light, and breathable to keep cool
  • Wicks moisture away from feet
  • Anti-slip wedge, prevent socks from sliding down
  • Micro-Zap silver antimicrobial fibers keep feet odor-free
  • Comfortable and stretchy material


  • mixed reviews on the durability – developing holes, some lasts only one to two times wearing while others last for over a year.
  • not the thinnest socks available
  • appear to feel sticky only when wearing them alone without shoes
  • the sizing is off – fit one size larger


In summing up my review, one thing that I learned over the years that I prefer quality. It is the experience that I am paying for and these socks are worth the experience.

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