Elizabeth Furnace, Climber on unknown climb left of Fortis

Rock Climbing Lifestyle

What is a rock climbing lifestyle look like? I envision a rock climber who would look like a hippie with lean long muscles similar to a surfer or a skateboarder.

The traditional and old school climber would look like a vagabond but with the purpose of rock climbing all day long. That person would be called a dirtbag climber in the climbing community.Shop Sale at MountainHardwear.com.

A dirtbag climber is a person who dedicates all of his or her time climbing and work minimally just enough to make ends meet. They would be living cheaply in a tent, cave, or in a car near a major outdoor climbing destination. Perhaps, we can call it a dirtbag minimalist lifestyle. Interested to know more about dirtbag climbers or be one? Here is a dirtbag dictionary for you to get familiar with – The Dirtbag Dictionary.

Not everyone would opt to have the dirtbag lifestyle including me. I love to go camping occasionally to climb but I do not want to give up the comfortable living lifestyle to be a dirtbag minimalist. Then again how passionate am I about climbing? I think not passionate enough. Currently, climbing is a passionate hobby for me and definitely a fun sport to keep in shape.

With the increasing popularity of rock climbing, more and more climbing gyms are opening in most states. I see different types of people from a surfer looking person to a geeky looking person climbing in a gym. It is absolutely not a biased sport. All races and gender participate with common goals to climb, have fun, and hang out with like-minded people.

Elizabeth Furnace, Climber on unknown climb left of Fortis
Elizabeth Furnace, Climber on unknown climb left of Fortis
Bouldering brings a certain camaraderie among the climbers. We learn from each other, cheer each other on, and share success moments when we ascend a difficult route. The climbers I meet are pretty laid back, supportive, open to conversation, and very nice.

In my opinion, the lifestyle for rock climbers is people who love to explore the outdoors and enjoy nature. Camping outdoor is for each person’s comfort zone. I love to camp outdoor during the springs. I prefer not to be under 30 degrees weather when camping. I had been there and it was not comfortable. I guess ice climbing is not for me at this time. Who knows, I may change my mind in the future.

As far as clothing style for climbers, I usually wear comfortable clothes such as yoga pants or tights and a t-shirt or yoga tank tops.  Some people like to wear shorts but I like to wear tights or leggings because pants protect my legs against the rocks. There are definitely lots of different styles and sexy tights as well as yoga tank tops. Climbing is considered to be a sexy sport among the young generations.  Why not look good, feel good, and be fashionable.

I love to hear your perspective in regards to the rock climbing lifestyle. Please leave a comment below.


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