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Dynamic Climbing Rope Reviews – What Works Best for Rock Climbing?

Dynamic Climbing Rope Reviews

There are many types of ropes, lengths, sizes, and brands. It can get confusing and overwhelming. In this review, I narrowed down to four different popular and quality brands with a range of 9.7 to 10.1 thickness in diameter for durability, long-lasting, and easy to handle with beginning climbers in mind. However, seasoned climbers find these ropes useful as well. They are versatile and can be used indoor or outdoor. I also included a rope bag review to help keep your rope safe and secure for carrying around as well as usage while climbing.

The rope brands are Black Diamond, Edelrid, Petzl, and Blue Water. All climbing ropes must pass the UIAA safety standards such as the fall rating, static elongation, and dynamic elongation.

  • The fall rating for single ropes must withstand a minimum of 5 UIAA falls. The rope with a higher falling rate may last longer than a rope with a lower rating.
  • The static elongation cannot exceed 10% of the total rope length when top-rope climbing, hauling gear and climbing fixed ropes. The lower static elongation usually indicates more efficient because less energy is wasted through the amount of rope stretch.
  • The dynamic elongation is the distance the rope stretches during the first UIAA test fall. The UIAA allows ropes to stretch no more than 40% of the length of the entire rope. A lower number is generally better because less stretch may prevent the climber from hitting the ground.

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Black Diamond 9.9mm Dynamic Climbing Rope

Along with the harnesses and ATC Belay Devices, Black Diamond also provides a line of rock climbing ropes. Their goal is “to provide a clean and simple line of rope that can take you from the gym all the way to the alpine.” They aim to create the perfect balance between weight, durability, and handling of the rope.

This particular Black Diamond rope is a go-to rope for year-round rock climbing. It is built for day in and day out use and optimized for durability yet soft for great handling such as knots easily, feeds through belay device with ease, and hold up heavy usage.

Average Customer Rank: 4.9/5


  • Diameter thickness is 9.9mm
  • Come in different lengths. Size cut down to 35m for most wall indoor gym walls and up to 70m for outdoor climbing.
  • Middle Marker available to identify the middle of the rope
  • Regular sheath: 2×2 weave construction for everyday use
  • Dual Blue color
  • Single Rope
  • UIAA Factor Falls: 6
  • Static Elongation: 7.6%
  • Dynamic Elongation: 32%

Available Sizes: 35m, 40m, 60m, 70m

Where to Buy:


Edelrid Boa 9.8mm Climbing Rope

Edelrid invented the kernmantel rope in 1953 which is the most common dynamic ropes used today for rock climbing. Edelrid produces millions of meters of climbing rope that is bluesign® certified. bluesign® is the solution for sustainable textile production which sets controls standards for an environmentally friendly and safe production.

All Edelrid ropes have Thermo Shield treatment which is “a heat process to stabilize individual yarns, ensuring the rope stays supple throughout its working lifetime.” To learn more about Edelrid rope production you can visit Edelrid Knowledge and click on Rope Production.

The Edelrid Boa is versatile and suitable for a wide range of climbing activities. It is lightweight and great for indoor or outdoor.

Average Customer Rank: 4.7/5


  • Diameter thickness is 9.8mm
  • Made and imported from Germany
  • Single Rope features Thermo Shield treatment
  • Variety of sizes from 40m up to 200m
  • Middle Marker available to identify the middle of the rope
  • Color – Oasis / Flame
  • UIAA Factor Falls: 7
  • Static Elongation: 9.3%
  • Dynamic Elongation: 32%

Available sizes: 40m, 60m, 70m, 200m

Where to Buy:


Petzl Mambo 10.1 mm x 60m Climbing Rope

Petzl is well-known for its Grigri, an assisted braking belay device. They also produce a line of ropes that is versatile and easy to use in the gym or at the crag (outdoor). The diameter size of 10.1 mm of the Petzl Mambo is great for indoor gym or outside sport climbing. It has a thick sheath that provides excellent protection against abrasion.

Average Customer Rank: 4.2/5


  • Variety of sizes available from 30m to 200m
  • Middle Marker available to identify the middle of the rope
  • UltraSonic finish bonds core and sheath at the ends for better durability and less fraying
  • ClimbReady Coil help ready for immediate use and avoid initial uncoiling mistakes
  • EverFlex treatment stabilizes core strands for excellent grips and handling
  • Diameter thickness is 10.1mm
  • Single rope
  • UIAA Factor Falls: 7
  • Static elongation: 8.5%
  • Dynamic elongation: 34%

Available Colors: yellow or blue

Available Sizes: 30m, 40m, 50m, 60m, 70, 200m

Where to Buy:


BlueWater Ropes 9.7mm Lightning Pro Double Dry Dynamic Single Rope (Bi-pattern Flavine / Sprout, 70M)

BlueWater is the first American rope manufacturer to develop a dynamic climbing rope. They strive to provide the highest, safest equipment available for climbers.

The Lighting Pro Double Dry Dynamic Single rope is great for sport or extreme alpine climbing. I picked this particular rope is because of  the extra features. It has two special features of the double dry finish and bi-color patterns:

  • The double dry finish is a dry treatment of dry core and dry sheath which offers the greatest moisture protection. A great feature for multi-pitch climbing when encountering rain.
  • The bicolor pattern is the change in the weave pattern that marks the two halves of the rope. It makes it easier to identify the permanent middle mark.

This rope is a little bit more expensive than the ropes without these features but totally worthwhile when climbing in wet or icy conditions. Also, with the bicolor pattern, the middle mark will never fade. It makes it easier to identify the middle of the rope while rappelling.

Average Customer Rank: 5/5


  • Single Rope
  • Double Dry Finish
  • Easy to handle and easy to clip
  • Lightweight and high-end performance
  • Ideal for sport or extreme alpine climbing such as snow and ice
  • Bicolor feature with different rope pattern for half-way mark
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Diameter thickness is 9.7 mm
  • Length – 70 M
  • UIAA Falls: 8
  • Static Elongation: 8.9%
  • Dynamic Elongation: 32.2%

Where to Buy:



Psychi Rock Climbing Rope Bag with Ground Sheet Buckles and Carry Straps

This rope bag is an excellent holder for the rope while climbing and much simpler for carrying around. The built-in groundsheet keeps the rope clean and in one place. This makes it easy to fold up and transport to another location without picking up extra dirt from the ground indoors or outdoor climbing. I find it very useful to manage my rope especially the 60 to 70 m.

Average Customer Rank: 4.9/5


  • Build-in groundsheet to keep your rope clean and safe while using
  • Adjustable padded shoulder strap for easy to carry
  • Drawstring and closing buckles to keep your rope secure
  • Room for 60m sport climbing rope

Available Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow


Where to Buy:

My Final Thoughts

Each of these ropes has its own special features. Our very first climbing rope was an Edelrid Boa. We inherited it from a friend. It worked well for us for a few years. My son used it mostly for his climbing and gym practices. Later we bought the Bluewater rope. My husband likes the Bluewater rope because it is American made and he loves what their company stands for. We have used it outdoor a few times and also used it in the climbing gym. It handles great so far. We have no complaints.

All the ropes above are of great quality. They all pass the UIAA Safety standards. They work well indoors as well as outdoor. Choose what works best for you. I hope this article helps you decide on your quest for the right climbing rope.

Love to hear about your climbing rope experience. Please leave comments below.

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